Everything you need to
successfully demo digi.me

First download the digi.me app and then find cool new ways to use your data privately!


Use the mobile app for the best experience with apps powered by Private Sharing.


Access the Private Sharing app via your desktop and sign up to build your digi.me library.

Note: most apps using Private Sharing are currently mobile only, more desktop apps are coming soon.

Connect to our library

This demo library is designed so you don't have to share your own personal content. It includes the following data categories and sources:

General Interests - Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

Medical - Demo NHS medical data (UK)

Health & Fitness - Fitbit

Financial - Credit Card

Tap the QR code above or open the camera and point at the QR code

Open digi.me app and tap ‘Got a library?’ Then tap ‘Scan a QR code’

Library Password:

Experience standard onboarding

Of course it's far more engaging to try digi.me with your own personal data, you can start over and connect to your own personal account.

Start Over - Open Settings (press on Search button and swipe left). Tap on 'Leave Library'

If you want to connect to the demo library again, repeat the Start Over process to connect to the demo library as instructed above.

Download apps to use Private Sharing

Before using any of these apps please ensure that you have opened digi.me and connected to the demo library.

Please visit digi.me/share to see all apps currently available.

Links to the Iceland Hackathon concepts

These are image based prototypes and demos that showcase some of the possibilites of private sharing

Discover and download apps powered by digi.me Private Sharing